Blest Jacket

The best choice for lightweight adventures

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This ultra-light jacket is made for any winter activity with lots of movement. This jacket is insulated with top-of-the-line Primaloft insulation material, which is very light yet warm. This jacket is super easy to pack and takes up almost no volume in your backpack or sledge.
It is the best choice for highly active dogs and long distance mushing. Its reflective printing increases visibility in dark conditions.

Product strengths

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70 Insulation
50 Waterproofness
100 Activity level
50 Durability

Size chart

Blest Jacket: Size chart
Size Back length
S 60 cm
M 65 cm
L 70 cm
XL 74 cm
Size: S
Back length
60 cm
Size: M
Back length
65 cm
Size: L
Back length
70 cm
Size: XL
Back length
74 cm
Size Chart


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