Combined Harness

Harness with built-in reinforcement around the neck to be used for pulk or skijoring.

Size chart

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The combined harness was developed from the Freemotion harness. It is our formula-1 harness for any serious athlete regardless of your sport โ€“ it’s suitable for skiing, running, biking or pulks. Built-in reinforcement around the neck ensures the stable distribution of the load over a larger area.

โ€œSome dogs have an irregular chest bone anatomy, which makes it difficult to choose the right harness for them. The Combined Harness distributes the load more evenly than any other harness and thus fits those special dogs,โ€ says Sebastian Nilsen, chief product developer.

The Harness comes with special straps to attach a pulk, a special type of Scandinavian sledge. The straps are easy to disconnect from the harness with just two plastic buckles.

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Size chart

Combined Harness: Size chart
Size Neck circumference
โ–ฐ 5 36-40 cm
โ–ฐ 6 40-44 cm
โ–ฑ 7 44-48 cm
โ–ฐ 8 48-52 cm
โ–ฐ 9 52-56 cm
Size: 5 โ–ฐ
Neck circumference
36-40 cm
Size: 6 โ–ฐ
Neck circumference
40-44 cm
Size: 7 โ–ฑ
Neck circumference
44-48 cm
Size: 8 โ–ฐ
Neck circumference
48-52 cm
Size: 9 โ–ฐ
Neck circumference
52-56 cm
Size Chart


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