Ferd Belt Bag

The Ferd Belt Bag can be attached onto the Ferd and Trekking belt.

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Additional equipment is the Ferd Belt Bag that can be attached onto the belt. The main pocket is a hardcase made from foam where you can fit your ration and extra smaller equipment. Inside the bag there is separate room for mobile phones. On the outside of the bag there is made room for one bottle that can be safely secured with an elastic line. The Ferd Belt Bag also fits the Trekking belt model.

Product features

Drink Holder

You can put a 0,75l bottle in the drink holder and secure it so it will not fall out.

Drink Holder
Loop through

With this hole in the top of the belt you can loop through your audio cable, your camelback line or whatever you may need.

Loop through
Belt Bag

The Ferd- and Trekking Belt can be equipped with the optional Belt Bag, which adds a additional pocket and drink holder. Itยดs easily attachable and also can be removed very fast.

Belt Bag


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