Musher Sleeping Mat

Light-weight and thin dog sleeping mat. It stays dry and does not absorb water.

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Musher Sleeping Mat is tailored for long-distance dog sled racing. It is practical to bring on long trips and expeditions to provide the dogs with a comfortable place to sleep.

Core made of closed-cell foam, 5 millimeters thick.
Waterproof polyester
60×41 centimeters
Weight: 115 grams
Color: Blue with orange edges

Product features

Dry and insulating

The core material does not absorb water and has insulating properties.


Attach to the dog’s line, so the mat does not blow away in case it gets windy.

Light-weight and compact

Stacks easily inside the sled without taking up space or add considerable additional weight.

Leaves no traces in nature

A good option to using straw as bedding for sled dogs.