Pro Warm Jacket

Insulated jacket for those colder days.

Size chart

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The Pro Warm Jacket was designed with functionality in mind and developed with a focus on warmth, weight and fit. In cold and bad weather, this is the ultimate jacket to keep your dog warm and dry.

  • Comfortable design covers the major muscle groups
  • Quick to put on and take off
  • Wind ad water repellent
  • The neck can be folded down or buttoned up again if itโ€™s cold
  • Highly visible reflectors
  • Soft fleece inside
  • Stretch fabric at the shoulders for increased freedom of movement
  • Leashes can be attached through the small opening at the back when using a harness.

Size chart

Pro Warm Jacket: Size chart
Size Back length Breed Examples
24 24 cm Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier
27 27 cm Papillon
30 30 cm Miniature Poodle
33 33 cm Jack Russell Terrier
36 36 cm Standard Schnauzer
40 40 cm Parson Russel Terrier
45 45 cm Beagle
50 50 cm English Cocker Spaniel
55 55 cm Border collie
60 60 cm Vizsla
65 65 cm German Shorthaired Pointer
70 70 cm
Size: 24
Back length
24 cm
Breed Examples
Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier
Size: 27
Back length
27 cm
Breed Examples
Size: 30
Back length
30 cm
Breed Examples
Miniature Poodle
Size: 33
Back length
33 cm
Breed Examples
Jack Russell Terrier
Size: 36
Back length
36 cm
Breed Examples
Standard Schnauzer
Size: 40
Back length
40 cm
Breed Examples
Parson Russel Terrier
Size: 45
Back length
45 cm
Breed Examples
Size: 50
Back length
50 cm
Breed Examples
English Cocker Spaniel
Size: 55
Back length
55 cm
Breed Examples
Border collie
Size: 60
Back length
60 cm
Breed Examples
Size: 65
Back length
65 cm
Breed Examples
German Shorthaired Pointer
Size: 70
Back length
70 cm
Breed Examples
Size Chart


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