Protector Vest GPS

Solid hunting vest with a pocket for GPS or radio transmitters.

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This is a good visibility and solid hunting vest made from reinforced , extremely strong kevlar fabric which will protect the dogโ€™s chest against sharp branches and rocks in the terrain.
It has a pocket for GPS and Radio transmitters which includes the Garmin T5 and older models.
Other features include, adjustment for the neck opening in the GPS pocket, ability to attach a leash at the top of the vest, colour markings on the side to show which side the dog is marking in the distance and 3M reflection.
Other features include the possibility to attach the leash to the top of the vest and 3M reflection.

Size chart

Protector Vest GPS: Size chart
Size Breed Examples
XXS Small Dachshund
XS Dachshund
S Springer spaniel
M English setter
L German pointer
XL Swedish elkhound
Size: XXS
Breed Examples
Small Dachshund
Size: XS
Breed Examples
Size: S
Breed Examples
Springer spaniel
Size: M
Breed Examples
English setter
Size: L
Breed Examples
German pointer
Size: XL
Breed Examples
Swedish elkhound
Size Chart


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