Ferd Belt

Ferd Belt

Ferd Belt

Ferd Belt is made for dog owners who spend a lot of time with their dog out in the nature, in demanding weather and expeditions where you need more than a traditional belt. The belt is highly technical with molded foam to ensure a perfect fit around the hips and distribute the pull ergonomically. It is extremely sturdy, with a hypalon reinforced fabric and aluminum buckles. It has two monoblock steel D-rings on each side for pulk attachment and a regular line attachment with a screw carabiner in the front for line attachment.

If you want the possibility to disconnect your line quickly, the belt can also be delivered with a panic hook. Made for the demanding conditions the belt has several loops where you easily can attach left over hooks, lines etc.

Additional equipment is the Belt Bag that can be attached onto the belt. The main pocket is a hardcase made from foam where you can fit your ration and extra smaller equipment. Inside the bag there is separate room for mobile phones. On the outside of the bag there is made room for one bottle that can be safely secured with an elastic line. The Belt Bag also fits the Trekking belt model.


S 60 cm
M 70 cm
L 80 cm


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On snow

Off snow





Belt Bag

The Ferd Belt can be equipped with the optional Belt Bag, which adds a additional pocket and drink holder. It´s easily attachable and also can be removed very fast. Click here for Belt Bag.



Pulka functionality

The Ferd Belt is equipped with heavy duty pulka attachements on the side so you can hook in your pulka, child sled or whatever your adventure needs.

Lightweight carabiner

The lightweight carabiner is a twist lock carabiner and can be opened very fast but also can be closed in a very safe way and wont open if you don´t want it to open.

Heav-duty buckles

The Ferd belt has been built to last and to withstand the toughest of adventures. Therefore we´re using a new buckle system which is extremely durable but also fast to unlock. You can remove the straps within seconds, but they will hold alot of force when it´s needed. Also mud and ice is no problem for the new buckles.

Highest quality

The overall build quality of the Ferd belt is state of the art. We tried to create the perfect belt for adventures and made no design compromises.