Løype Belt

Løype Belt

Løype Belt

Løype Belt is a highly technical belt designed for skiing with your dog, developed by some of the top skijorers in the world. The result is a comfortable belt made with an innovative breathable material. Adjustable leg straps keep the belt in position and stable over the hips, for ergonomically correct pulling points. It is built to maintain an optimum ski technique, which helps to prevent strains or back injuries. It has a padded pocket for accessories or your phone. Your leash will be attached to the detachable quick release hook enabling you to separate when needed.  The pulling point can be adjusted on both sides to loosen the pressure on your hips. Extra loops are provided on the back of the belt for a leash when not in use.


Technical specifications
  • Hypalon reinforcements
  • Breathable mesh material
  • Nylon webbing
  • 3M reflectives

Small 60 cm
Medium 70 cm


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On snow

Off snow





Breathable mesh

The innovative mesh material is both durable and breathable. It allows temperature regulating and ventilation of the body. Also there are attachment rings for attaching the leash when not in use.

Heav-duty buckles

We´re using a new buckle system which is extremely durable but also fast to unlock. You can remove the straps within seconds, but they will hold alot of force when it´s needed. Also mud and ice is no problem for the new buckles.


Quick release carabiner

A quick release carabiner helps to release the dog in emergency situations. You just need to pull the orange line, and the carabiner will open, even when it´s under pressure.


The pocket on the back is big enough to fit a large mobile phone.